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Oct 13

3 benefits of action research:
1. The link between practice and student achievement is reinforced.
2. It fosters an openness towards new ideas and learning new things.
3. There are no experimental or control groups, independent or dependent variables, or hypotheses to be supported.

3 barriers for implementation:
1. The results of quantitative action research projects are limited.
2. Time constraints may affect the quality and outcomes of the action research project.
3. Lack of support from other teachers and administrators can create a negative environment thus affecting the action research project.

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  1. elyseschwartz
    2:01 pm - 10-17-2010

    I enjoyed reading your barriers and benefits to action research. I think that the last 2 barriers you mentioned are some of my biggest concerns as well. Lack of time and support from administration or teachers seem to be a continuing theme in a lot of things that, if implemented, would help our students. I wish there was a way to get around these issues, but it is not always possible. I look forward to seeing how big a role these barriers will play as we implement our own action research projects next semester…

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